Overview of a Successful Equipment Distributor©

Robin Currie will be facilitating the Overview of a Successful Equipment Distributor©. This program is a two-day seminar packed with valuable information. Robin will take participants through the process of running a successful distribution company, and how that company should be positioned based upon internal, regional, and cultural factors, plus global economic and marketplace factors.

Navigating Legal Changes in the Equipment Industry

Learn how to optimize standard legal processes like contract negotiations, non-competes, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Plus, get expert insight on how to prepare for regulation changes in the industry, such as upcoming environmental compliance changes and other pending state-level legislation that could pose new challenges for equipment dealers.

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How to Drive Profitability and Growth in Your Dealership

Take a deep dive into the Currie Management Group’s Financial Performance Model, including top key performance indicators (KPIs) and best practices for cultivating a profitable dealership.

We’ll outline the cultural, operational, and financial strategies for success and share learnings from other dealers and Currie’s team of heavy equipment consultants.

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