Political Consulting 

If you have ever considered running for public office, now is the time to harness that thought and convert it into action. Khrystina Snell joined Currie in 2022 with experience ranging from communications to field in various political campaigns in multiple states. She has found that the typical voters tend to care mostly about the issues that impact their daily lives, especially when it comes to their education system and taxes. Those running for local office will be in a position in which they are on the ground level and will witness firsthand the impact of state and local policies. Most who are elected to positions based in Washington are in their ivory tower and voters know it and can feel the disconnect between themselves and those they elected.

Khrystina has been in the political arena since the 2016 presidential primaries and has since worked on various races as large as presidential to local, and quirky state level positions such as the unique Executive Council in New Hampshire. Throughout the years, it has become clear to Khrystina that to differentiate yourself as a candidate, you must start early with two main focuses. Your priority should be fundraising with which you will use those funds to build name recognition, then personal branding comes next.

Khrystina started her political work on the finance team of various campaigns. She has worked with candidates to make sure they start calling through their “rolodex” as early as possible, asking anyone they can to pitch in as much as they can. Having the fundraising (and political) advantage out of the gate in a campaign is the best way to clear the primary field, so you can start acting like a general election candidate. Once you get some funds to play with, you can start your field operation. It is best to kick off this segment by making sure you are targeting the largest voter areas first, getting your name and unique message out, building a volunteer base, and getting out on the doors, phones, and social media. Field can make or break a campaign.

Reach out to Khrystina to chat about getting a fundraising, field, and communications plan together. She loves to set campaigns up for success, getting your people aligned on a plan to achieve your win number is the key.

Email today! Khrystina@curriemanagement.com