Robert P. Currie

Robert P. Currie

Robert P. Currie

Among all of Currie Management Consultants’ worldwide staff, none understands manufacturers, dealers and their businesses better than Bob Currie.

He thinks likes his clients and understands their concerns because, as a business owner, he shares them. Bob founded Currie Management Consultants because — just like many entrepreneurs — he wanted independence, control over his work life and his future, and was willing to sacrifice to achieve these goals.

When combining this with his background, Bob is able to understand and serve his clients better than most corporate consultants ever could.

Bob began his consulting career over 40 years ago, first with a consulting group and then on his own, founding Currie Management Consultants in 1980.

Bob prides himself on finding creative solutions to client problems. Whether it’s in strategic planning, organization planning, finance, marketing, international management, market analysis, profit improvement, or dealership operations, Bob consistently takes a personal interest and an active role in his clients’ success.

Besides solving CMC’s clients’ problems, Bob is always seeking new challenges to stretch and prove Currie Management Consultants’ excellence, the latest of which is to add a “technology” consultant to the staff.

Whether it’s challenging himself and his staff to excel, or challenging his clients to achieve, Bob Currie’s passion and intensity drive everyone around him to greater success.