Currie Management Consultants, Inc. consults to every industry that utilizes dealers or distributors as a means of selling and servicing products. If you want to improve the performance of your dealership or distributorship, we can assist you whether these dealers or distributors are owned and operated by individuals or the manufacturer.

Our strategy to optimize profit performance for our clients is based on the simple question: What does this business look like when it is right? More specifically: What critical variables and related performance standards must be achieved that, when taken together, reflect a successfully managed operation? These standards must reflect the need for high shareholder returns as well as satisfying employees, suppliers and, most importantly, customers.

Currie Management Consultants works with dealerships/distributorships to:

  • Develop and/or modify the financial model for your industry and brand
  • Achieve The Currie Financial Model through in-house training with your management team
  • Review what a successful dealership/distributorship looks like
  • Sales department management
  • Improve account management
  • Optimize service department management
  • Streamline rental management
  • Enhance parts management
  • Elevate fleet management
  • Work with you to determine the strategic direction of your business
  • Facilitate the annual business planning workshop
  • Provide leadership and management development workshops or individual coaching to assure that the skills and behaviors needed to drive change and get results are strong

Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Valuation

The drive for consolidation of distribution is intense. Currie Management Consultants is here to provide our expertise in putting the deal together. We have facilitated mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures of businesses in most of the industries we serve. The move to consolidate is a necessary response to the consolidation of customers. For example, in a multi-client consolidation, our role is to:

  • Gain group consensus on the metrics to be used.
  • Calculate current and future expected returns for all operations involved.
  • Determine how to handle the intangibles in the deal.
  • Establish the final valuation for each entity.

Whether you are the buyer or the seller or part of a merger, the first step is to place a value on the business. The process of valuing a business is, in the final analysis, a negotiation between a buyer and a seller. Currie Management Consultants can analyze a business’ current performance, project future performance, construct a financial perspective and determine the appropriateness of a price to transfer ownership. After we have determined a financial-based valuation, we can address the heart of any sale: how will the purchase be structured?

One method to structure the purchase is a simple sale for cash transaction to an independent third party. Another method involves a scheduled transfer of ownership such as to a son or daughter over a period of time and is based on the value added by management retaining its involvement in the business and enhancing the financial performance of the business. A third method might be how a transaction can be structured should the owners decide to sell to a group of key employees. Sometimes the valuation is only a preliminary one because the owners believe there is significant unrealized potential that should be achieved before a sale should be considered.

With the assistance of Currie Management Consultants, you can determine a fair price and the method of structuring the purchase of your business with confidence. Also, in those situations where you are the buyer, we can help you value an intended purchase and can assess the operational or cultural issues you will face.

Business Continuation

Are you ready to turn your business over to the next generation of owners?

If you haven’t begun the process of developing the next set of owners, get started now.

If you are planning to pass the ownership of your business to family, Currie Management Consultants will assist you in determining the suitability of the next generation. We offer leadership and management development as well as individual coaching to ensure a successful transition. CMC is also invaluable in determining how the transition will occur and how the current owner will be compensated.

If you are planning to sell the business to another entity, Currie Management Consultants will assist in the valuation of your business. Currie is also available to help you negotiate the deal.