Currie’s Workplace Safety Measures Evaluation

Evaluation of Current Safety Numbers:

We always begin these evaluations by gathering as much information as possible. This phase will include the sharing of information from the dealer’s current system to Currie for analysis. This information should include all injuries within the past five years outlining details of what occurred, when, and where. Other documentation sent to Currie should include all information regarding loss of opportunity or potential clients who the dealership lost out on in the bidding process. This could unveil the dealership’s issues with meeting customer safety requirements. These numbers will also be addressed in the final report.


Set up of New Reporting System:

Here at Currie, we have developed a comprehensive safety evaluation template. In this step, Currie will ensure that the proper department heads are consistently reporting safety metrics in a Currie template so that progress can be monitored. Currie prefers to be on call for all potential injuries during this evaluation process so that we have all available information on issues currently present and can address these issues with solutions in the final report.


Template Training Session:

This session would ideally have all team leaders available for a demo of the information collection process and an overview of why we are collecting this information and what we seek to achieve through this process.

The Information within the Template (1 Day)

The goal of this session is to ensure that all team leads have an idea of what needs to be reported and that a process is implemented where they will immediately be able to report such information to the template compiler.

The Compilation of the Template Quarterly to Currie (1 Day)

The goal of this session is to train the compiler of the template, usually, someone within Human Resources to receive information from various team leads and incorporate it into a template file. This will be reported to Currie quarterly.

Currie wants to be a permanent part of your safety team and will evaluate your numbers quarterly beyond the final report.


Safety Walkthrough:

In this step of the project, a member of the Currie team will conduct a walkthrough of the facilities involved in the evaluation. Ideally, this would be conducted following the training sessions of on-site staff for the reporting of numbers.


Compilation of Safety Report:

This is the critical point in the project where Currie analyzes the current numbers of the dealership and the results of the safety walkthrough. This report is a compilation of all identified issues including liability risks and potential violations of OSHA standards and other codes on the national, state, and local levels of the dealership locations. This report lays out the recommendations and a plan moving forward for the implementation of policies to improve safety within the dealership. Currie is the industry leader for best practices, not just for profitability but for the entire dealership’s health, particularly in safety, which has traditionally been overlooked.


Implementation of Solutions:

Currie will begin implementation of policies, training, and testing of employees. There is a cultural component that will be incorporated into the dealership including everything from aesthetics with proper safety signage and reminders of policies, rewards for benchmarks achieved in continual safe/injury free workdays, and the establishment of an employer-employee safety committee in which Currie will set up the proposed membership roster and agenda for the first meeting and will aid in facilitating that meeting.

Following the first safety committee meeting, Currie will continually facilitate and provide solutions to the committee on an ongoing basis. Quarterly numbers will continue to be evaluated.



Our professional fee for the segments above is $30,000.00 and we will invoice separately for all travel-related expenses. Additional quarters following the first safety meeting will be at a rate of $2,500.00 per day.


Email to enroll or for additional information.