Seminars, Training and Events

Experience 40 years of industrial distribution expertise in our programs and at our training events for dealership and distribution companies. We consistently expand our offerings to serve this dynamic industry.



With our experienced consultants who have specialized knowledge in all aspects of dealership operations, employee management, and high-level business strategy, your team will attain full market potential.


Best Practices Groups

Improve the performance of your operation through the exchange of a Best Practices Group. A typical Best Practices member sees a 10x return on their investment every year when they attend all three sessions.


The Currie Service Model Book

With this offering, you will have direct access to Currie expertise. This comprehensive book covers financial modeling for maximum profitability, expense control, leadership skills, hiring, revenue generation, aftermarket, and more.


Currie Original Content

Here’s where you will find the latest articles by the Currie Team, Robin’s Leadership blog, and more.  Our professional consultants post important information for the dealership and distribution market regularly to help industry leaders stay abreast of what’s happening. Read through our latest content here.



Currie clients agree that the more they follow the Currie Model, the better they perform in their market. Read what they had to say about the results they have achieved as well as their overall experience with our consultants.

We provide professional services to clients that assists them in maximizing their business and personal goals.

About Currie Management

The Currie Management Consultants team serves manufacturers and dealers/distributors in the following industries: Agricultural Equipment, Material Handling, Construction Machinery, Power Generation, Commercial and Retread Tires, Transport Refrigeration, Marine, Heavy Trucks, Automobile, Temperature Control, Utility Vehicles, Maintenance & Repair Organizations (MRO), and more.

Distribution Analysis, Dealerization, and Dealer/Distributor Development are the top three services provided to manufacturers. Best Practices/20 Groups, Profit Improvement Workshops, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Valuations, and Leadership/Management Development top the services we provide to Dealers and Distributors.

For closely held, private companies, we provide Business Continuation Services, Succession Planning, Leadership Development, and other staff-related Management Training. As Management Consultants, we, at Currie, are ready to assist manufacturers and dealers/distributors with today’s business challenges.