This short piece is to celebrate leaders, including you. This week, our nation celebrated one of the most formidable leaders: Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King espoused hundreds of qualities that all ambitious individuals marvel at. So, my question is this: why do we marvel rather than glean?

Good leaders benefit tremendously from strong mentors. Is Dr. King too strong a mentor for us? Is the power of a good leader actually quite intimidating to us regular people? Instead, perhaps we should observe Martin Luther King, Jr.’s methodology to learn what made him unforgettable and influential—long after his assassination.

Who is your mentor? Who has great footsteps that you would love to walk in? Do you have the courage to follow? Leaders are also followers, as followers can also lead. All impactful leaders appear undaunted in their purpose, but perhaps they were deterred at times as you and I are. Yet they committed themselves in devotion to their chosen path despite uncertainty. And there are good mentors, who have done the exact same thing, right here in our circle—our dealership, our customer base, our family, and friends. Find your path, take courage, then allow yourself to walk in the footsteps of the giants who are all around you. Lead!

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