Operational Challenge: Breaking Down Silos

Operational Challenge
Currie Training Center

Working Collaboratively Across Departments

Introducing Currie newest online offering from The Currie Training Center. The Operational Challenge is open to three companies per session. Each company will come to the meeting with an operational challenge that they are looking to resolve. Participation can be company-wide. There is no limit to participants for each company. Each company will have 30 minutes dedicated to problem solving and brainstorming led by consultants Robin Currie and Lauren Muscarella. In addition to putting together an action plan for one of your current Operational Challenges is listening and observing other dealerships as well. Often we establish systems in silos and grandfather in clunky, inefficient systems without the time or support to reestablish a better way of doing things. In its essence, the Operational Challenge seeks to put an end to, “Well, that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

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What People Are Saying

"The [Essential Scriptwriting for Dealerships] program was very informative and effective in helping me develop scripts surrounding billing and recovery issues. One of my reservations going into it was that scripting would lead to forced, inauthentic customer interactions. Based on the material presented, I realized effective scriptwriting can be a tool that helps you communicate with staff members so they understand the origin of our policies. I've seen a huge improvement weeks after implementation. "

Attendee from Essential Scriptwriting for Dealerships

"This [leadership] program is ideal for transitioning middle managers and helping them understand the 'big picture' of an organization. And, most importantly, how we make money!"

P. Farrell, General Manager, Modern Group

"The Currie Leadership Development program has been instrumental in my personal growth and the growth of our business division. I learned very practical tools and tactics to help me in the long-term planning and day-to-day execution of our business. I often refer back to the materials that we learned, specifically in setting goals for the business. "

S. Hennie, V.P. General Manager, Cleveland Division, Hy-Tek Integrated Systems

"The Currie Leadership Development program gave me a larger understanding of the daily trials and tribulations a business owner encounters. I have been able to take this new understanding and improve my leadership and communication skills, and as a result was able to improve my associates and their locations’ performance. "

C. Stephens, Retail Sales Manager, SM Tire

"Joining the Currie Group has been the single most important business decision we’ve made for our company. The impact has been profound. We would not have reached the level of success without the Currie Group and the leadership provided by Bob Currie. His unwavering message is eventually realized and proves to be truthful and effective. Bob has had the unique ability to convey a successful vision to all levels in our organization. "

Andy Young, President of Air Centers of Florida

"The financial model is the single most important 'tool' out of every meeting. The Dealer Group often takes this part of the meeting with a grain of salt, but I use the financial model results more than any other metric to see if my little organization is off kilter. "

Craig Stephens, President of SM Tire

"I knew my way around a business financial statement but you have given me a new approach and strategy which we have used to develop and grow our business. We have taken the business from $6 million to just short of $12 million since I became involved with the Currie Best Practice Group. Your Currie model along with the financial ratio goals has given us the tools we need to keep our finger on the pulse of the business. "

Ralph A. Wallace, Trask-Decrow Machinery

"Currie Management Consultants are thorough and knowledgeable of all managers in a distributor organization. The skills that they teach are practical and will improve the performance of not only the manager, but of the distributor itself. I highly recommend Michelle Currie and the Currie Management Consultants, Inc. management training curriculum. "

Brian Ledford, ACF Standby Systems – Distributor for Generac Power Systems

"The Currie Management Consultants possess a tremendous amount of knowledge in business finance, world economics, and human behavior. During our affiliation with Currie we have grown to be one of the largest transport refrigeration dealers in the nation — they have played a very important role in this growth. They  helped us break down our business operations into manageable components and set standards for each of them... to consistently track our business performance and to compare our performance to other dealers. Michelle does a great job of providing leadership training that allows me to have a clearer prospective on myself, my customers and my employees. The personal growth I have obtained from my association with Currie has helped me solve many business problems that have arisen during the past 15 years."

Jim Marino, Executive Vice President of Convoy Servicing and Fleet Maintenance Technology

"Maine Commercial Tire has been involved with Bob Currie and his associates for over ten years. In that time, Bob took our timid and uninformed freshman management and gave it direction and oversight. He gives real world presentations of critical management variables and has enough case management experience to cut through lame excuses for poor performance. “Figure it out!” is a resounding comment in his scrutiny and with his presentation of the facts, figuring out a challenge becomes obvious. Without Bob’s direction MCT would be just another middle of the road tire dealer. "

Jim McCurdy, Owner, Maine Commercial Tire

"The [Rental] program was executed perfectly. Michelle and Lauren provided a great amount of information that I have already started to apply to my career. I’ve asked my manager to take as many other Currie programs as possible. "

Brittany Y., Atlantic Lift Truck