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Today’s live webinar was a free one-hour introduction to The Currie Financial Model.  The replay is available on demand, for free, by clicking here!


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Benchmarking and The Currie Financial Model, offered September 14-15, 2017.  It’s coming up fast but it’s not too late to save your spot!  Register here!

FREE Webinar – Benchmarking and the Currie Financial Model

Free Live Webinar offered by Robin Currie, of

Currie Management Consultants, Inc.

Please join me on Tuesday, September 5th at 11:00 AM Eastern Time for a free, live, one-hour webinar that will take you through the foundation of The Currie Financial Model.  Learn what The Model looks like for your industry, how to calculate some of the critical benchmarks, and how to apply The Model to your organization.

During the free webinar, you will have an opportunity to register for Currie’s two-day seminar Benchmarking and the Currie Financial Model, offered on September 14-15, 2017 for $999.00.


This webinar is for:

  • Currie Clients (Dealer Principals, C-Level Dealership Executives, General Managers (also Branch and Department Managers), and Investors.
  • All organizations involved in the distribution of industrial equipment (power generation, commercial tire, lift truck, farm equipment, air compressor, transport refrigeration, golf and utility vehicles, systems, HVAC, and more).
  • Accountants and Business Valuation Providers for businesses in the equipment industries.


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Call us at 508-752-9229 if you have any questions!  See you on the Webinar!

Revenue Growth – Currie’s Strategic Plan and Growth Theme for 2017

2017 is all about Revenue Growth.  As we are finishing up 2016, let’s think about how we are going to manage our growth this coming year, and how we are going to continue to pursue not just excellence, but a new level of distinction for our companies.  How do we figure out a growth and revenue enhancement strategy as we look at the economy right now?  How do we meet the challenge of staying profitable during a time of growth? How do we achieve a new level of “what it looks like when it’s right”?  The answer can be found in Currie Success Principle #4:  Strategy, and in Currie Management Consultants, Inc.’s newest seminar, 2017 Revenue Growth Strategy for Equipment Distribution Companies.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis ( the U.S experienced a slim GDP growth of .8% in the first quarter of 2016.  The second quarter showed a marginally larger growth rate, around 1.1%.  Also noteworthy is the fact that profits from current production (corporate profits with inventory valuation adjustment and capital consumption adjustment [CCAdj]) decreased $24.1 billion in the second quarter, in contrast to an increase of $66.0 billion in the first quarter of 2016.

Warren Buffett shared some encouraging economic insights in his most recent annual letter to shareholders at Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.  His approach to predicting economic activity is to take a long-term view.  A deceleration in GDP growth for the short-term is not as alarming as some people would have investors and business owners believe.  And the measurement is not one that can be looked at in isolation:  consumers, business owners, and politicians need to think about other correlating factors, and include the consideration of those factors when looking at economic growth or decline.

One such factor is population growth.  The U.S. population growth rate is trending around .8% annually.  The per capita GDP growth rate, and dollars per capita, depend upon population growth as an element of the predictive calculations that economists project.

Another area that must be considered is the development of technology.  The efficiency that technology has created in the American and global workplaces is not something that is going away –rather that continuous transformation in our lives will endure and thus carry on a trend of higher efficiency as we move into the future.

Taking those, and other factors into the equation, the math tells us that the economy is headed toward a substantial yield in actual per capita dollars per person, as the next generation comes of age.  Remember last quarter when I shared a review of Andrew Carnegie’s The Gospel of Wealth? Buffett, and other experts, believe that income and lifestyle inequality will always exist.  However, when predicting long term outcomes, we must also consider an increased life expectancy, and higher standard of living as time moves forward.  This validates the mindset that analysts need to look long-term, and Currie clients need do so as well.  Remember Currie Success Principle #2:  Vision and The Big Picture.

Here’s an interesting quote from Mr. Buffett’s letter:

“It’s an election year, and candidates can’t stop speaking about our country’s problems (which, of course, only they can solve). As a result of this negative drumbeat, many Americans now believe that their children will not live as well as they themselves do. That view is dead wrong: The babies being born in America today are the luckiest crop in history.”[i]

Although long-term analysis is key in predicting the wealth of future generations, we experience cycles in our economy, and sometimes those cycles can be quite dramatic.  Currently there is a slow rate of GDP growth and the impact of that can have a severe effect on the short-term health of many businesses, as indicated earlier by the reference from the Bureau of Economic Analysts.  However, all is not gloom and doom in our corner of the world, but since equipment dealers and distributors today are facing a slowdown cycle, the Currie team is introducing a new seminar aimed at rolling out a comprehensive revenue growth strategy for 2017.

Currie Management Consultants, Inc. has identified the key areas that are critical to a new, and precise, overall strategy.  Bob Currie will lead the charge on implementing specific actions and best practices that will keep our businesses strong and healthy.  During the two-day program, 2017 Revenue Growth Strategy for Equipment Distribution Companies, the Currie Team will stand together with Dealer Principals and Investors, as we navigate through a short-term tight economy and a downturn in the availability of new business. And Currie will introduce new, innovative methods for industry leaders to succeed and grow through account management, account penetration, and winning business from your competition.  These strategies will be supported by micro-strategies including:

  • Scripting
  • Managing the Sales Force
  • Achieving Growth in the Aftermarket Departments through methods such as second segment service work and proactive parts selling
  • Measuring the key liquidity benchmarks to keep your “finger on the pulse”
  • Marketing the new strategy through Internet and social media
  • And more…

This program is offered October 11-12, 2016 in Washington DC.  Registration is available here:  2017 Revenue Growth Strategy for Equipment Dealers.  This seminar has been designed specifically for our highly successful dealer clients, and it is in keeping with Currie Success Principle #8:  Growth and Adaptability.  Register online or call us at 508-752-9229 for assistance.

[i] Warren Buffett’s 2015 Annual Letter to Shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

Announcing the new Currie Training Center website

Exciting things are happening, and The Currie Training Center is growing rapidly.  Have you hired some new manager(s)?  Are you an executive looking for deeper Currie Model training?  Are you promoting some people, or looking to develop your succession plan?  These are all great reasons to visit our new website and register for some upcoming seminars.

Featured Program – Leadership Development 2017, beginning February 7-8, 2017.  This is an intense, year-long program which combines all of the Currie Model practices, from Currie Financial Model to Rental Department best practices, to Service Department Profitability, to Account Management and more.  Along with all of the Currie Model departmental training, participants will begin with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and learn many advanced leadership and management theories:  effective communication, Situational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Executive Roles in a Distribution Company, Team Building and Problem Solving, and more.  This is a critical program for all C-Level Executives, Department Managers, and all people identified as succession plan!  Space is limited in this program!

Follow the link for a complete list of all seminars currently open for registration at The Currie Training Center.

Update for Currie’s Leadership from the Inside Out

Currie Management Consultants, Inc.’s two-day, multi-industry conference

Why should you register for Leadership from the Inside Out?  This is an event for top performers to collaborate with other North American Industry Leaders!  This is a multi-industry conference and will combine “movers and shakers” from the following fields:  Farm Equipment, Transport Refrigeration, Material Handling, Power Generation, Commercial Tire, Construction Equipment, Utility Vehicles and others.  Join The Currie Team as we come together to share insights, best practices, challenges, victories, philosophies* and more.  Register Today!!  (*Remember this year’s Reading List Theme:  The Philosophy of Distribution—click here for The List!)

 Breakout Session IEE: Improved Employee Engagement.  This breakout group is led by Michelle Currie and will focus on the topic of engagement, and how it applies to your distribution company.  Why do we need to know this?

  1. Studies show that companies with employees who are not engaged, using the traditional definition, are at higher risk for dips in productivity.
  2. Employees with low engagement scores are more frequently absent.
  3. Employee turnover is higher in companies with low employee engagement.
  4. When engagement is low, customer service standards are more likely to decline.

The Currie Team will present comprehensive information about Engagement, and the drivers of engagement: Enablement, and Energy.  These items make up the formula for a highly successful workforce, in an age where we cannot afford to be otherwise.  Lean is here to stay, along with the critical practice of talent management, and the need for great leadership.  The Currie Team will skillfully guide participants through several important concepts to help create and sustain the engagement model within your organization, and your results will include increased retention and improved productivity.  What else can we expect from enhancing our company’s employee engagement?

  1. Engaged employees believe in the company’s goals and objectives, and will work to achieve them.
  2. Companies with highly engaged employees are more likely to attract high-quality candidates for open positions.
  3. Employees who are engaged are more willing to go the extra mile for the sake of the company.

Breakout Session ELR:  Evolving Leadership Roles as Companies Grow.  John VanDeusen will lead this session and will take participants on “The Journey of the Dealer Principal from Operator to Executive to Investor”.  We will be talking about “Quality of Leadership” at the top of, and within your organization.  After you return from this session, you will be able to examine the bench strength of your company and ask the question: how is our enterprise leveraging talent?  The ability to create the conditions and environment for success are important characteristics of a strong leader.  Additionally, successful executives possess four critical skills which enable them to lead a team through periods of transformation and growth:  Change Mastery, Interpersonal Finesse, Mental Agility, and Goal Orientation.  Let’s examine each of those skills.

  • Change Mastery – this skill is most essential in changing times. The ability to adapt to varying conditions assists these managers in behaving strategically.  Masters of change are also tenacious in their efforts to continue learning and improving.
  • Interpersonal Finesse – this skill always begins with self-awareness. Executives and managers who possess this proficiency have an ability to embrace conflict and harness it for creative ends.  These leaders are also highly competent at varying their leadership style to fit the situation.
  • Mental Agility – this is the infinitely important ability to confront ambiguity. Leaders who achieve a heightened level of mental agility are adept at pursuing complexity, and often explore opportunities through the Socratic approach of asking penetrating questions.
  • Goal Orientation – an ability to address one’s own performance and the performance of others in a systematic, developmental, and strategic way. Managers who are goal oriented prioritize skillfully, are highly focused, and are often described as “acting on purpose”.

Additionally, participants will be introduced to the concept of decreasing specific actions and increasing others in order to move up the ladder effectively.

Also featured will be Currie Management Consultants, Inc.’s comprehensive program entitled Executive Roles in a Distribution Company, which examines and analyses the structure of successful distribution companies.

Roundtable Topic SGO:  Setting Goals and Objectives.  In this session all participants will learn about the creation and utilization of The Currie Financial Model.  In the distribution of industrial equipment, consistent tracking and analysis of financial and other activities enables dealer principals and executives to stay on top of their performance results each and every day. Some results are short-term (employee productivity measures, rental multiple, and the like) and should be reviewed on a regular basis in order to discover and implement tactical variations.  Others measures are more long term, such as Debt to Equity, ROA, and Absorption, and indicate the critical liquidity results of the business, thus allowing the executive team to manage capital effectively and create long-term strategy.  The results of all of these financial measures provide us with the profile of a well-run industrial equipment distribution company.

Financial Benchmarking is the cornerstone of a sound company.  And the numbers that the executives and manager are exposed to in the Currie Financial Composite are meant to identify areas of the business that need further attention.  Also, identifying areas that are running well can help us: think about what’s going on, and think about how to apply some of those specific practices to an area of the business that is struggling.  As Robin Currie always says:  “The numbers tell a story!”

New from the Currie Training Center

Announcing the

Currie Management Consultants, Inc.

Brand new two-day seminar offering:

Benchmarking and the Currie Financial Model©

July 18-19, 2016


This program will feature the following:

  • Overview of a Successful Equipment Dealer
  • Financial Benchmarking
  • The Currie Financial Model
  • The Currie Gap Analysis
  • The Currie Financial Composite
  • Currie Calculator Tools
  • Budgeting
  • Personnel Planning
  • Executive Leadership
  • Engagement and Accountability

…and more!

Registration is open for this program:  click here! If you have any questions, please call 508-752-9229.

Leadership from The Inside Out

Featured Event!

Leadership from the Inside Out

Currie’s first two-day, multi industry conference

This exciting event will focus on Executive Leadership, developing your firm’s talent, cultivating your team, recognizing inefficiencies in execution and/or capability, and redirecting resources as business needs change.

This is a multi-industry event, one of the first ever.  This forum which will bring together the top performers in many areas of industrial equipment distribution.  The Conference should be attended by all Dealer Principals, Distribution Executives, and C-Level Managers.  The Currie team will present to you the national and global leaders in the following industries:

Farm Equipment, Transport Refrigeration, Material Handling, Commercial Tire, Power Generation, Construction Equipment, HVAC Companies, and Utility Vehicles!

Click here to download the Conference Agenda.  The Agenda will be updated as more details become available.  Breakout session topics will include:

  • Improved Employee Engagement within your distribution company
  • Life Balance
  • Setting Goals and Objectives
  • Driving an Aftermarket Culture
  • Evolving Leadership Roles as Companies Grow
  • Roundtable Discussions led by successful industry leaders
  • Self-Awareness, including high level training about belief systems and the neuroscience that drives them
  • “Inside Out Leadership”
  • The Journey of the Dealer Principal from Operator to Executive to Investor–“Setting a New Strategic Direction”

The cost for the 2016 Currie Leadership Conference is $999.00 per person.  Special pricing is available for companies who are registering four or more attendees—call the Currie team for details about pricing.  Conference fees include entrance to all meetings and conference events.  Also included in this fee are the Welcome Reception, Continental Breakfast on both days, plus lunch and dinner on Day One.

Pre-Register online by clicking here: Currie’s Leadership from the Inside Out. Pre-Registration will enable The Currie Team to provide you with regular updates about The Conference.  Also, pre-registered guests will be first to receive the option to confirm their attendance and purchase tickets.  Contact us at 508-752-9229 if you have any questions!

Leadership from the Inside Out – Agenda available


The agenda for the upcoming Currie Leadership Conference, Leadership from the Inside Out, happening November 7, 8,, and 9, 2016 is now available – click here to download!

Our two-day conference will focus on leadership talent, cultivating others, recognizing inefficiencies in execution and/or capability and redirecting resources as business needs change.  This is a multi-industry event.  For the first time, the Currie team will bring together the national and global leaders in the following industries:

Farm Equipment, Transport Refrigeration, Material Handling, Commercial Tire, Power Generation, Construction Equipment, and more!

Breakout session topics will include:

  • Improved Employee Engagement within your distribution company
  • Life Balance
  • Setting Goals and Objectives
  • Leading the Aftermarket Team
  • Evolving Leadership Roles as Companies Grow
  • Roundtable Discussions led by experienced industry leaders
  • Self-Awareness, including high level training about belief systems and the neuroscience that drives them
  • “Inside Out Leadership”
  • The Journey of the Dealer Principal from Operator to Executive to Investor

Please remember to pre-register.  No payment is required for pre-registration.  All pre-registered guests will be the first to be offered confirmation with payment.  Also, you will be first to receive email updates whenever there are further details or announcements about the Conference!  Pre-register by clicking here!

The Conference fee is $999.00 per person, with special pricing available for groups of four or more from your company.  Please call 508-752-9229 for pricing details!

See you in November!

Currie Training Center – Updated 2016 Program List

The Currie Team has some great program offerings this year!  Click the link 2016 Seminars and Workshops to download the list.

Leadership Development 2016 still has a few openings – register here!

All scheduled two-day seminars are available here!

Our newest offering is the first Currie Leadership Conference to be held May 16-18 in Dallas, Texas!  More details are emerging, but at this time you may pre-register without payment – click here!

Give us a call if you have any questions – we’d love to hear from you!