Currie Training Center – Updated 2016 Program List

The Currie Team has some great program offerings this year!  Click the link 2016 Seminars and Workshops to download the list.

Leadership Development 2016 still has a few openings – register here!

All scheduled two-day seminars are available here!

Our newest offering is the first Currie Leadership Conference to be held May 16-18 in Dallas, Texas!  More details are emerging, but at this time you may pre-register without payment – click here!

Give us a call if you have any questions – we’d love to hear from you!

Leadership Development 2016 – Registration now open!

Registration is open for Leadership Development 2016.

Invest in developing your leadership team and secure the future success of your dealership/distributorship!

Highlights of the Currie Leadership Development Program:

 Ø Attend four quarterly workshops during 2016

Ø Participate in monthly coaching calls

Ø Develop networks with participants from  other industries

Ø Gain operational knowledge around the
Financial Model

Ø Learn advanced leadership behavioral skills

Online registration is easy:  Click Here!

Or you  may follow this link to download the brochure: Leadership Updated Publication 2016 and mail or fax it to us!  For assistance, call Robin Currie at 508-752-9229.  We are happy to help!


Registration now open for all 2015 Currie Programs and Seminars

Leadership Development 2015 is still open for registrations through February 23, 2015 (click here)

The following two-day seminars are also available:

  • Overview of a Successful Equipment Distributor
  • Parts Department Profitability
  • Achieving Service Profitability in an Equipment Dealership
  • Running a Successful Equipment Rental Business
  • Building Effective Leadership and Management Skills
  • Account Management for the 21st Century

Click here to register for any of these seminars!


rescheduled! Robert Currie to lead Overview of a Successful Equipment Distributor

Currie Management Consultants, Inc. is pleased to announce a special program offering coming up in March.   Robert Currie, President and Founder, will be facilitating the Overview of a Successful Equipment Distributor©.  Come and experience the power of Bob’s four decades in the equipment distribution industry.  This program is a two-day seminar packed with valuable information, and Mr. Currie will take participants through the process of running a successful distribution company, and how that company should be positioned based upon internal, regional and cultural factors, plus global economic and marketplace factors..

Topics will include:

  • Marketplace Evolution:  where the industry is heading as we enter 2015 and beyond
  •  Shareholder performance expectations, liquidity measures specific to the equipment industry, and the benefits and challenges to publicly and privately held companies
  •  Unique insights into best practices for the distribution of all categories of industrial equipment
  • Performance benchmarking and the Currie Financial Model©
  • Executive leadership and distribution company management, succession planning
  • Manufacturer relationships, diversification strategies
  •  Forecasting and strategic planning
  • Many more…

Who should attend the Overview Program?  Investors, Dealer Principles, C-Level executives, team members selected as succession plan, Regional Managers, branch managers, department managers should register for this seminar.  Meeting dates are March 9 and 10, 2015 in Worcester Massachusetts.  Currently, this is the only seminar that is featuring Bob Currie so don’t miss out!  Register here:  Currie Overview program.


Robert Currie, President

Currie Management Consultants, Inc.

Since 1975


More information will be available soon!

Leadership Development 2015

Registration for Leadership Development 2015 is now open.  The program is scheduled to begin February 23 & 24, 2015.

Invest in developing your leadership team and secure the future success of your dealership/distributorship!  Participants of the Currie Leadership Development Program will:

  • Attend four quarterly workshops during 2015
  • Participate in monthly coaching calls 
  • Develop networks with participants from other industries
  • Gain Operational Knowledge around the Financial Model
  • Learn advanced leadership behavioral skills 

Easy online registration for The Currie Leadership Development Program is available here!  Or download the registration form by clicking:  Leadership Development Brochure 2015.  Completed registration forms can be email to or fax it to 508-752-9226.

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