A 3-part Webinar Series Including One-on-One Meeting to Review Your Company’s Financial Composite

As we emerge from what is said to be a historically catastrophic quarter, we must refocus, regroup, and advance. This is what the Currie Model was built for.

In this series, Robin Currie will take you deeper into the Currie Model, and help you develop specific strategies for rapid response to the changing marketplace. This is a highly interactive series, and it is designed for immediate results. Robin will share current industry trends, and also anecdotal circumstances that are occurring now, among the equipment distribution network—what’s looking good and what to watch out for.

Private One-on-One Web Meeting: Specific analysis for dealerships according to Financial Composite data, will be offered outside of the web meeting as Robin will schedule you (and your team) for a private one-on-one web meeting, with Robin, to develop even more specific strategies and action items.

Here is the general agenda for the series:

Meeting 1: Identify and Repair
“Gentlemen, we can rebuild… We have the technology, we have the capability… better than before… better… stronger, faster.” Remember that? These inspirational words are the launching pad for thriving and prospering even through crises. In this segment, we provide an array of powerful tools. Some of them are new, and some of them require a renewed focus. Let’s open the toolbox: Currie Financial Model, Currie Forecasting Tool, Currie Gap Analysis, and Model Balance Sheet projection. You will receive next-level empowerment and a detailed roadmap to discover where you are. And, you will know the direction, with confidence.

Meeting 2: Quicken and Execute
All departments need to be examined. The Sales Department is often our first line of offense. At this moment, we must structure an efficient, well-managed team of people who want to win. In addition, we will cover Parts and Service Departments with detailed action items to keep the team on track for mastery in Gross Profit achievement, Employee Productivity, and Expense Control. We settle for nothing less than precision in our workflow, and our team will become a powerhouse of self-directed and engaged performers.

Meeting 3 – Learn and Adjust
In the final week, we fine-tune. What’s working well? What needs adjusting? Where are we still feeling pain? Taking everything that has been discovered in the first two weeks, we now recover and begin to walk the path with renewed courage. Determination and devotion to the vision are the keys to winning the gold.

Mondays, September 21, 28, and October 5 — 11 am EST Sign up here>