Currie Circadian 31: Lead the Day

Gifted leadership

Wednesday April 1, 2020

How does one begin a life of leading?  Are leaders born, or made?  Why are some good leaders and others not?  Where have you been?  Do you know where you’re going?

Many of the heroes of our time had no idea where they were going.  But most were strong in conviction and knew which steps to take.  They had intuition and clarity.  But many leaders are still effective even without those tools.  MLK reminded us that we didn’t need to see the whole staircase.[1]  Faith.  That’s really all a good leader needs.  The rest will come through practice.  Have faith in yourself!  Take a leap.  Walk the undiscovered path.  Forge a new way. Be a trailblazer.  Believe!!

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Currie Circadian 31: Lead the Day

Gifted leadership

Wednesday April 1, 2020

Are you feeling out of whack?  Are you working long hours for very little reward?  Is your team falling apart?  Are they giving too much, or not enough?

Leadership is an exchange.  It is a relationship and requires effort, balance, and trust.  And, a common goal, or shared objective, is of supreme importance.  When one enters into this scenario, although there is a leader and a follower, both are equally important.  The project, or company, becomes the creation.  Both, or all parties, must feed the machine.  All energy is directed toward that purpose. The people in the play are essentially supporting the projected outcome.  In that process, all parties must also support each other.  Pride steps aside and the team must focus on the needs of the vision.

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Currie Circadian 31: Lead the Day

Gifted leadership

Tuesday March 31, 2020

Have you ever felt like a failure?  Have you messed things up?  Did anyone tell you to pick yourself up and try again?  Does anyone remind you that you can do anything?  You’ve got this!

We all have dreams of greatness.  And, we all make mistakes—to err is human.  We all fall short every once in a while.  And, we all need someone to catch us when we fall.  A good leader turns back and stretches out a hand to the one following.  The hero always has a magician who encourages along the way.  Bring your people to the same great heights that you, yourself, aspire to reach.  Lift your people up, pull them forward. Dust them off when they fall.  Let them lean on you and, above all, show them courage.

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Currie Circadian 31: Lead the Day

Gifted leadership

Monday March 30, 2020

Does a teacher from your past stand out for you?  What do you remember most?  What was it about that teacher that made him or her different?

When one thinks of a great teacher, one realizes terms such as “inspiring”, “modelling”, and “encouraging”.  Most importantly, we know someone believed in who we are, and what we can do!  Don’t you want to pass that on?  What would that feel like—to take the role of that admired mentor from your childhood?  Honor that educator now, for the true desire of every instructor is to prepare the next leaders.  It’s time to take up the mantle.  Carry the torch.  The student becomes the teacher.

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Currie Circadian 31: Lead the Day

Gifted leadership

Friday March 27, 2020

What is service?  Is it good to get, or good to do?  Does your company have an attitude of service?  Or is it one of being served?  Is there a difference?

Traditional management is hierarchical.  As businesses evolve, and a service economy grows, our structures become flattened.  The journey becomes one of evolution toward self-directed work teams, and away from command and control.  But think now about employee engagement as a critical measure of enterprise performance.  Compare that same notion to your family life—is it command and control or is it collaboration and service to the greater goal.  And, have we defined that greater goal with precise clarity?  Those who serve only themselves are not participating in the success of a team or family. The bottom line:  if none are serving, then none are served.  If all are serving, then all are served.

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Currie Circadian 31: Lead the Day

Gifted leadership

Thursday March 26, 2020

Sometimes things seem to come out of nowhere.  Did you see that coming?  How did you miss that?

An unexpected obstacle can leave us derailed, demoralized, and -yikes!- demotivated!  Here’s what you may have missed:  your very own power of foresight.  We humans have the ability to draw upon unseen, and unspoken, resources.  We are bashful about truly embracing some of our innate abilities.  We so often lament: “I should have seen that coming!”  But did you?  Believe it is so and it will be.  Do whatever it takes to explore and examine this untapped potential.  Hindsight is 20/20, but prophecy is king!

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From the Currie Team…

The Currie perspective on our current situation:  expectations, a little history, and our commitment to you.

Bostonians are an interesting and unique population, as modeled by the great founding fathers of our country.  This is where it all began—with a rich history of freedom and opportunity.  We have determination, dedication, and permanence.    To that, we hold fast and commit to holding a beacon for all.  At this time, we are all about presence.

But a tragic part of that rich history remains still, with a crisis beginning in 1918 with the Spanish flu.  Boston Public Health Commissioner Dr. William Woodward was forced to toe the line between decisions for the sake of public safety, and intense pressure from the business community.   This must have been a most difficult position, that most of us would hope to never experience.

That same legacy, as that of 17th and 18th century Boston, is what Curie Management Consultants sees within all of our dealership clients.  Our dealers have certainly stood the test of time, and so has the Currie Team.  Currie is close to its Golden Anniversary—50 years.  Most of our distribution business clients are into their third generation, and beyond.  We have stood side by side through decades of change, not only in this country but all around the world.  Together we have weathered the rising and ebbing of the economy; global social crises like the fall of the Berlin wall and the AIDS epidemic.  Dealerships have endured through the World Wars and the, Vietnam, Korean, and Gulf Wars, among others,  Today we see new and overwhelming waves of refugees seeking safety and asylum.  And, together, we have refused to succumb to at least 13 recessions since the Great Depression.  We are here to stay.

At a more pragmatic level, here’s what we’re doing to respond to COVID-19.  Some Dealer Group Meetings have been cancelled at the request of the members, others are determinedly keeping it business as usual.  Some on-site work has been cancelled, and others are reluctant to cancel considering the ambiguity facing the industrial equipment industry at this time.  We are doing our best to accommodate the specific needs of each of our dealership clients.

First, we want all clients to know that we understand, and we care.  Abundance of caution is the style for many business owners.  For others, it is a reluctance to participate in an emotionally charged arena.  Facts have been difficult to discern.  We stand as present, and supportive to the needs of all. To adjust to this current international issue, we are prepared for any requests for on-line meetings.  Next week, we have contractors coming to upgrade our conference room equipment and web cams.   Robert Currie, President of the company, has temporarily suspended travel for the rest of March and April.  This was a difficult decision, as this has been the way of Currie for two generations now, but we are expecting a return to normalcy very quickly.

Our associate, Jim Henderson, has shared these sources for you, and we have also been referring to them.  The following websites, in our opinion,  have good information:

Here in Worcester, we citizens consciously weave our lives together, so we can be present as a community.  It feels to me like a return to village living, where everyone watches out for each other.  We are at home in our neighborhood and in our city.  Unfortunately, we are in a State of Emergency and we are restricted in our activities.  Many of our friends and neighbors have had to leave their jobs and are without income right now.  This includes members of my own household and the households of some other Currie employees.  But we are committed to standing together.  We will share supplies, encouragement, and money.  Social distancing is painful for people like us, but we continue to support each other and pray together.  Family members are still out shopping for food and supplies for our elderly neighbors.  The public schools are closed but still providing meals for children in need, and we are helping to make sure they have transportation.  This list goes on and I’m sure that your companies are facing this crisis in the same manner.  Thus, we may see this as a crisis, but also within that crisis is the opportunity to serve.

As a business, we want our clients to expect the following:

  • Increased activity on Basecamp. This is our virtual office at this time.  Please post messages, share ideas and concerns, and stay together!  You can change your notification setting to learn when there has been a post.
  • Webinar calls for group work or to work with executive or management teams. As mentioned earlier, we are immediately investing the time and resources to make this happen now.
  • The Currie team is standing by for you 24/7. Robin’s mobile phone is 781-223-6347.  Clients are invited to call any time, day or night with any questions or concerns.

Here are some things we have brainstormed about for your companies.  You may already be putting these practices in place, and perhaps you have some ideas to share with us.

Service Department

  • Technicians should wear medical grade gloves when working within control areas of a customer’s equipment. This includes the doors, seating, and steering areas of tractors, construction equipment, and forklifts; the handles of equipment that have no seating; the exterior of generators and compressors if they have been handled by others recently;  and door handles and interiors on service vehicles that have been shared, even if by another associate at your company.
  • Remind field service techs and aftermarket reps to practice social distancing. This is a difficult practice and feels dramatic to many, but it is prudent.  Please avoid hand shaking.
  • Tablets should be cleaned at the end of the day.
  • Shop techs, foremen, managers, and others should bring clean clothes to work and should change their clothes before they leave work.

Parts Department

  • Associates may want to wear medical grade gloves in this department—most are  sharing keyboards, touching storage bins and drawers, and handing off parts to the technicians.
  • Clean the electronics twice per day. There are many online articles that describe the best way to do this depending on your electronics.

Soon enough this problem will be behind us.  But in respect to those who have been directly impacted, we must retain a solemn and dignified countenance.  We pledge to hold compassion to those who others feel are panicking or overreacting.  We are all doing our best, and will continue to do so.

Please contact us to let us know your thoughts and your needs in this difficult time.  This moment is history is exactly in keeping with Bob Currie’s favorite Chinese proverb (or curse, as sometimes considered)—”may you live in interesting times”.


Robin P. Currie



Currie Circadian 1313: Lead the Day

Beginnings, turning corners, accomplishing

Friday March 13, 2020

Beginnings, turning corners, accomplishing

Friday March 13, 2020

Managers are constantly “putting out fires”.  Does this type of urgency present as obstacle to success and progress?  Is there joy in your day, or are you in survival mode?

Now let’s talk legacy.  Think of the long view.  See the future, while being solidly present in the now.  We are in this for the long haul, and we expect our businesses to be here for generations to come.  We are pioneers and Argonauts.  We are the wise ones.  Remember, leaders evolve, too.  As they grow, they rise.  There’s a wider view, and it’s a beautiful one.  Find time each day to catch the view from the top.  You’ll never want to go back!

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Currie Circadian 1313: Lead the Day

Beginnings, turning corners, accomplishing

Thursday March 12, 2020

What is the vision in your business?  And where does it come from?  Does your company aspire to lofty goals?  Is everyone encouraged to “think big”?

All too often we are encouraged to “keep it real”.  That phrase can be interpreted in several ways.  Discouragement is an all-too-real paradigm that is projected on those who see what others may not.  Leaders who don’t settle for “good enough” are always cooking up new ideas.  They are the champions of the future.  Be bold!  Get your head in the clouds!  Live the dream!

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Currie Circadian 1313: Lead the Day

Beginnings, turning corners, accomplishing

Monday January 21, 2020

What journey are you on?  Is it fun?  Who designed it?  Are you leading the quest, to find the New World?

Leadership is a heroic journey.  Think Homer.  Think Jason.  He knew his purpose, and he built his squad of Argonauts.  Your path is your own, and the path of a true leader is one of unwavering dedication.  And the true leader brings her team with her, for they are carefully selected for the success of the pursuit.  Think Knights of the Round Table.  Seriously!  To love the game of leadership, is to revel in the drama of epic victory for your kingdom.  You’re the creator of your own Odyssey.

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