Day One

MBTI Workshop

“Know thyself”, Socrates. This workshop is about improving personal effectiveness. Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator results, from the pre-work for this meeting, the workshop facilitator will assist attendees in understanding their own preferences. Self-awareness is the first step on the journey to understanding others.

High Performing Executives & Employee Engagement

The ability to create the conditions and environment for success are important characteristics of a strong leader. Attendees will learn that successful executives possess four critical skills which enable them to lead a team through periods of transformation and growth: Change Mastery, Interpersonal Finesse, Mental Agility and Goal Orientation.

Emotional Intelligence – EQ

The focus will be on Daniel Goleman’s research linking psychology and neuroscience to develop his concept. Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.


Where can we look to learn effective execution strategies? From military geniuses like Napoleon, to successful executives like Al Dunlop and Jack Welch, to iconic athletes like Tom Brady…attendees will learn how to take the game plan onto the field and win!

Day Two

Communication Skills

The Currie team will provide an assessment and each participant will learn more about his or her own communication style—are you Passive, Aggressive, Manipulative or Assertive? Why do we need to know this? This segment also includes body language, and effective ways to present information to your team.

Situational Leadership

What is your personal management style? How can you effectively diagnose a situation at your workplace? Which leadership style should you employ for each situation? How adaptable a manager are you? These questions and others will be answered through the Situational Leadership Assessment tool, which includes details on analyzing the Readiness of the Follower.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Attendees will learn to identify the criteria essential to effective problem solving. Methods reviewed will include the work of Kepner-Tregoe, The New Rational Manager and The Successful Manager’s Handbook.

Coaching and Influence

Three “Is”: Influence, Integrity, and Intention. In today’s world, we are all influencers, but to lead a team to its highest potential, we must be aware of how we influence. This isn’t so much about how to be influential, rather it takes the level of influence that we inherently have at the dealership, and channels it toward performance that matches. This is next-level training for all coaches!

Team Building

Farming, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and continuous engagement—these skills are among the highest of import considering today’s workforce. Each of these steps in the process will be covered in detail, and attendees will leave with a solid plan for retaining and developing your most valuable assets—your people.

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