The Currie Rental Model (On Demand)


This program teaches the fundamentals needed to drive revenue and profit in your rental department. Learn the Rental Multiple—the key to running a successful department. First, review pricing, period mix, and utilization. Participants will be asked to share the size of their rental fleet in order to give attendees a roadmap to achieve The Currie Rental Multiple. Sharing is done anonymously however it is required to participate in this program. Review the financial model and rental washout analysis in order to uncover how to make the rental fleet more profitable.

Agenda Overview

  • Primary Indicator of Rental Performance
  • Rental Multiple (using participant data): Pricing, Period Mix, Utilization Defining Rental Influence
  • The Role of Rental Absorption
  • Package of Value
  • Financial Model Expectations
  • Scripts
  • Wash Out Analysis
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