Operational Challenge: Breaking Down Silos


Working Collaboratively Across Departments

Introducing Currie newest online offering from The Currie Training Center. The Operational Challenge is open to three companies per session. Each company will come to the meeting with an operational challenge that they are looking to resolve. Participation can be company-wide. There is no limit to participants for each company. Each company will have 30 minutes dedicated to problem solving and brainstorming led by consultants Robin Currie and Lauren Muscarella. In addition to putting together an action plan for one of your current Operational Challenges is listening and observing other dealerships as well. Often we establish systems in silos and grandfather in clunky, inefficient systems without the time or support to reestablish a better way of doing things. In its essence, the Operational Challenge seeks to put an end to, “Well, that’s the way we’ve always done it.”