Open Best Practices Group (Membership)


This Monthly Best Practices Group will assist your dealership as you tackle your most pressing problems. Organized by department, this monthly group will cover all aspects of the enterprise including: Service, Parts, Rental, Leadership, Benchmarking, Sales, and more. The Best Practices group is a more advanced group for employees who are familiar with The Currie Model. Participants are asked to present a pressing problem, based on the monthly topic. From there, the group facilitator Robin Currie leads a brainstorming session.

This is an open-enrollment group. This allows participants to sign up for meetings they would like to join with no obligation to attend all meetings at $600 per person. However, memberships are available for $1000 per month with a six-month commitment. This allows any two members of your team to attend each monthly meeting. This is a great option to give your managers the opportunity to brainstorm their most pressing problems.

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