Benchmarking and The Currie Financial Model (On Demand)

Note: The April 8th date for this has been moved to April 13th.


In today's market, benchmarking is more important than ever to ensure sustainability and future growth. Having a clear snapshot of where your company stands will help you implement changes with the greatest impact. This interactive program teaches attendees how to effectively benchmark your company's current status and brainstorm solutions to achieve Currie Financial Model goals for maximum profitability and potential. 

Agenda Overview

  • Overview of a Successful Equipment Dealer
  • Introduction to the Currie Financial Model
  • Engagement High Performing Executives
  • Currie Financial Composite with Case Study Exercises
  • Situational Leadership
  • The Currie Gap Analysis
  • The Currie Rental Department Calculator
  • Leadership and Coaching Skills
  • Can You Measure Leadership?
  • Open Forum.
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