Currie Webinar: Essential Scripting for Dealerships


Webinar Overview: Writing scripts empowers your team to communicate with clarity, consistency, and respect. Now customers appreciate transparency even more given the current challenges presented by a changing world. Learn the fundamentals of scriptwriting in Currie Management’s new webinar. Attendees will have the option to submit scripts after completing the webinar to receive feedback from our consulting team. The goal is to empower each attendee to complete a full set of well-written scripts that effectively convey your company’s message.

Now, you may register for this webinar facilitated by Lauren Muscarella on Wednesday, November 18 from 11 am to 2 pm. Participants will be asked to submit the script topics that they are looking to write after completing the webinar.

Open to: All. Parts managers, Rental managers, Service managers, and Sales managers, support staff, anyone in the organization looking to attain influence and cooperation across departments as well as staff members tasked with strengthening customer relationships. All organizations involved in the distribution of industrial equipment (power generation, commercial tire, lift truck, farm equipment, air compressor, transport refrigeration, golf and utility vehicles, systems, HVAC, and more).

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