Achieving Profit Potential in the New Millennium

Introducing a New Edition of Currie Management Consultants, Inc.’s Service Profitability Workbook

This workbook has been completely redesigned and updated–order a copy today and learn the most current Currie Best Practices, Financial Modelling for the Service Department, the Currie methods for accurately measuring employee productivity, and other industrial distribution expertise.

In today’s marketplace it is often the case that the only differentiating item a dealership has is Service! Your service reputation can make or break a sales deal. Yet, most service training revolves around how to repair and not how to increase service sales, improve customer satisfaction, and put money on the bottom line. Look at your financial statements and if you are not putting 25% or more of service sales to the bottom line we have something for you.

The Service Workbook: Achieving Profit Potential in the New Millennium is written using an easy-to-follow performance model that will drive service sales, customer satisfaction, and profitability for companies around the world. This Workbook will take your service manager, service administrator, or the general manager step by step through the success factors for a service department.

This Workbook  is a great investment in your profitability. Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase multiple copies – every service department, general manager, aftermarket manager, and controller will need one!

For purchasing information, please contact us at 508-752-9229.

Currie Management Consultants, Inc. also offers  two-day seminars which expand on the material in this book. Follow the link for upcoming Service Department Profitability Seminar dates.