Best Practices/20 Groups

Improve the performance of your operation through the exchange of Best Practices with up to 20 dealers or distributors under the facilitation of Currie Management Consultants. Best Practices/20 Groups are facilitated by Senior Consultants who have a depth and breadth of experience that makes the Currie Team untouchable. A typical Best Practices member sees a 10x return on their investment in a Best Practices Group every year.

Best Practices Groups meet three times a year to exchange detailed information about their individual businesses, address problems and brainstorm solutions. The distributors/dealers represent the same manufacturer, thus, their challenges, physical operations and their financial information are quite similar. Members learn from those with the best results and share their own best practices in areas where they are the leader.

Currie Management Consultants’ expert facilitators bring the latest in management strategies, coaching, and operational strategies from multiple industries. The value added from our consultants is unparalleled.

A typical Best Practices meeting is two-days broken into the following areas of interest:

  • State of the Dealership/Distributorship: Here dealers/distributors share what is new at their operations, what their current anxieties are, and what changes they have made since the last meeting.
  • Financial Composite: Members report their financial performance on a quarterly basis to be compared to a set of performance goals for their industry. (Contact us for a sample report.)
  • Idea Exchange: Here, distributors/dealers present a specific profit improvement idea to the group and, to make it interesting, some groups pool an entrance fee which is given to the winning idea.
  • Specific Topics: The Best Practices Group will decide on a subject about which they would like more information or education such as compensation, insurance, recruiting, tax planning, facilities and the like. Occasionally, an outside speaker with a demonstrated expertise in the topic supplements these sessions.
  • Open Forum: There is always a topic that the group would like to discuss that didn’t make it on the agenda. This portion of the meeting involves debating ideas, asking questions, and solving problems.

One year of participation in a Best Practices Group produces such significant profit and operational improvements; often clients wonder why they didn’t join a group sooner.

We currently have Best Practices Groups in the following industries:

  • Material Handling
  • Commercial Tires
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Compressors
  • Temperature Control
  • Batteries
  • Power Generation
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Power Systems.

Typically, new members are referred by other members. However, if you would like to inquire about joining a group, please contact Robin Currie at or call 508-752-9229. Groups vote to approve all new members.

If you are currently a member of one of Currie’s Best Practices Groups, click here to go to basecamp for information on your group.