Gifted leadership.

What went on here?  The morning after a wild party—not a pretty sight.  Is there a wake of disaster, following a busy crunch?

Some businesses may demonstrate an addiction to urgency.  The intoxication of a rush is satisfying to many people.  And the ensuing chaos is validating that hard work has been done here.  Hectic days can not always be avoided.  In a thriving business there will be times when it is all about putting out fires.  But what happens later?  Do we really take the time to restore, rest, balance, and put things right?  In the retail environment, the heat of the selling floor is a stressful and demanding experience.  There is a let-down after the customers have all gone home.  In comparison, the clean up may feel unimportant, and we might be too worn out to care about it.  But the process of putting things back where they belong, and preparing for the next busy spell, is an essential activity, that keeps us in the rhythm of the business, and in the cycles of commerce and the economy at large.

keyword for today:  recover

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