Currie Circadian 31: Lead the Day

Gifted leadership

Monday, May 11, 2020

Where did that come from?  What did he mean?  Why would she say that?  Marcellus would refer to this as something rotten in the state of Denmark”[1].

These questions above often come to mind when someone has thrown us a curve ball.  We know that some statements, and actions, come through as reactive.  Not everyone is skilled in the art of effective communication.  Good leaders need to learn to sift through the dirt to find the gold.  We must be masters of analysis, as well as psychiatrists and detectives.  When working in an organization, leaders must become adept at uncovering the truth.  When to call out “bull hockey” is another matter.  Consider the source.  Get out your shovel.  Read between the lines.  Look beneath the surface.  Insight is key!


Keyword for today: interpret

Day 16 of 31

[1] Shakespeare, William.  1599.  “Hamlet.” Act I, Scene 4

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