Currie Circadian 31: Lead the Day

Gifted leadership

Friday, April 17, 2020

Situations can arise that require action that’s over the top.  What’s your superhero power?  Do you have a silver bullet?

Sometimes we just need a Hail Mary.  Remember the flying header goal, miraculously executed by Paul Robinson during the 2003 Carling Cup matches? This isn’t about “fake it ‘til you make it”.  This is about superhuman moves.  Are you prepared for an event that requires extreme performance?  If not, equip yourself now, and be strengthened before the circumstances present.  Don’t wait until you have an emergency on your hands.  A good leader is always developing in order to be a master when called upon to act.  Are you constantly in training?  Are you up to the job?  Don’t get caught napping.  Ready yourself.  Get locked and loaded.  Knock it out of the park!

Keyword for today: maneuver

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