Currie Circadian 31: Lead the Day

Gifted leadership

Friday April 10, 2020

Flat tire?  Brake pads worn down to the rotors?  Dead battery?  In the equipment world, this is referred to as unexpected downtime.  But is it really unexpected?  Consider this a metaphor for humans, especially the ones on your team.

Things break down, including people.  Sometimes we understand that we should have seen it coming.  Always we learn from it (we hope!)  A good leader is the one the group turns to when something isn’t working.  The leader is the one expected to have all of the answers.  The leader is the one who takes the fall when something goes awry.  Good leaders become agile at facing failures head on.  They become masters on the pit crew.  And they jump start a stalled project.  They are the “maintenance guys” and the “fix-it ladies”.  And remember–fixing includes not just projects and things, but relationships.  Keeping your working connections healthy is job one, but when a break-up occurs, the leader is also a master of restoration.  Study your trade.  Work your craft.  Keep things tuned up.  Repair before failure.  Be the well-oiled machine!

Keyword for today: repair

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