Currie Circadian 31: Lead the Day

Gifted leadership

Monday April 6, 2020

Where do leaders go when they need help?  Leaders must have mentors, too.  Where do you turn?  In whom do you trust?

Situations arise that are difficult to assess.  There are a lot of moving parts.  Solutions are evasive.  But answers can come from the strangest of places.  We all have guides, whether in an etheric plane or right here on Earth.  Often, our guides come to us in mysterious and unexpected ways—a song that comes on the radio, a person in the street, or an email out of the blue.  Help comes when request it.  Ask.  Notice.  Pick up on the subtle comments of others.  Watch for signs.  And most of all, think involution.  Return to your place of intuition and feel the answers emerge.

Keyword for today: wisdom

Day 8 of 31

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