Currie Circadian 1313: Lead the Day

Beginnings, turning corners, accomplishing

Thursday January 16, 2020

Is there dance in their steps?  Do you all hear music?  Can you see the colors, or are your people shades of grey?  More importantly, what color are you?

The seer is “one who sees”.  The “eye of the beholder” is a phrase about perception.  When one is a creative genius, one has defined their own aesthetics.  You, the leader, are both the artist and the art.  Those who follow look to you as not just the master, but the masterpiece.  They gaze upon you with awe.  In watching you, they see the synchronicities that a great leader does naturally command.  They watch the unfolding of elegance upon the blank canvas.  Your success is a beautiful thing.

Keyword for today: beautify


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