Summer at the Currie Training Center

Summer training is scheduled!  July is packed!  Some of the summer programs may not be offered again this year so please send your new hires, rising managers, and those seeking additional operational training!


Our top three programs are being offered in July (please note that you can visit YouTube to learn about the content offered in these courses):

Benchmarking and the Currie Financial Model, July 16-17, 2018.

Achieving Service Department Profitability, July 23-24, 2018

Building Effective Leadership and Management Skills, July 30-31, 2018

August Programs:

Parts Department Profitability, August 6-7, 2018

Leadership with Intent and Purpose, August 20-21, 2018.  This is a NEW program, and it is a little different from anything we have offered before.  There will be a free interactive webinar to introduce everyone to this program.  That’s coming up soon so watch the website for updates!  Here’s a little teaser about the topics we will work on in this seminar, and how we will apply them to a successful distribution company:  MBTI Workshop; Carl Jung study; Servant Leadership; The Eight Great Fears and the Six Perfections; and more!  The full agenda is available at  Check it out!

Click on any seminar title, from the list above, to see the Seminar Agenda!

Registration for all programs is available at


And don’t forget to plan for next year.  Leadership Development 2019 begins in February.  This is our one-year program.  Please register early, as this program fills up!  More information is available here.

Give us a call at 508-752-9229, or email, and let us know what we can do for you!

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