2013 Seminars and Workshops

2013 Seminars and Workshops 

  • Building Effective Leadership and Management Skills – December 3-4, 2012
  • Manage the Rental Department – February 7-8, 2013
  • Achieving Service Profitability in an Equipment Dealership – March 7-8, 2013
  • Managing the Parts Department – April 25-26, 2013
  • Sales Management for the 21st Century – May 23-24, 2013
  • Overview of a Successful Equipment Dealer – June 27-28,2013
  • Building Effective Leadership and Management Skills – July 25-26, 2013

The cost for these seminars is $750 per participant. If you are registering more than one person from your company, the cost for the 2nd participant from your company is $500.  As always, this seminar is free of charge for all clients with retainer agreements.  There is a 10% discount allowed for all Currie Best Practices Group or Dealer Group members.

  • Leadership Development 2013 – 1 year program – Workshop #1 February 25-26, 2013

Cost is $6,000 per participant.  This includes all assessments, materials, four workshops and 12 conference calls.  Register at https://currieleadership2013.eventbrite.com

For more information, or to register for a seminar, please call Robin Currie at 508-752-9229 or email Robin@CurrieManagement.com.

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Seminar Series Announcements and Registration Forms!

Manage the Rental Department — May 15-16, 2012

Utilizing a combination of fundamental business principles and the Currie Dealer Business Model,  as well as the Currie Rental Profitability Spreadsheet participants will learn the characteristics that define a successful dealer’s Rental Department and gain an understanding of how to immediately apply these principles within their own company or department. 

Visit EventBrite to register! For more information contact Robin@CurrieManagement.com or call 508-752-9229.

Parts Department Profitability — June 21-22, 2012

Visit EventBrite to register!  For more information contact Robin@CurrieManagement.com or call 508-752-9229.

Business Planning Workshop (for Dealer Principal, General Managers and C-Level Executives) – July 10-11, 2012

Visit EventBrite to register for this event.  For more information contact Robin@CurrieManagement.com or call 508-752-9229

Achieving Service Profitability – August 9-10, 2012 

This is the ideal opportunity to indoctrinate your management team in the most successful approach to running service in an independent dealership.  If you have attended the Achieving Service Profitability seminar in the past, this is the time to refresh and reinvigorate your passion for your business.

 Visit EventBrite to register for this event.  For more information contact Robin@CurrieManagement.com or call 508-752-9229.

Turn Technology Trends into Sales and Business — September 6-7, 2012

Visit EventBrite to register for this event.  For more information or to register via email contact Robin@CurrieManagement.com or call  508-752-9229.

Building Effective Leadership and Management Skills – December 3-4, 2012

Currie’s Building Effective Leadership and Management Skills seminar looks at the development of leadership behaviors that are the building blocks of great leadership.

 Visit EventBrite to register for this event.  For more information contact Robin@CurrieManagement.com or call 508-752-9229

Currie Management School for Future Leaders

One theme that consistently arises at all of our dealer/distributor group meetings is how to develop leaders. At times, the future leader of your company is your identified successor(s) of your dealer/distributorships, or it might be one or more of your current managers that have leadership potential.  Many times the answer to developing these individuals is to bring them to dealer or distributor group meetings.  What can happen is they become lost, or worse, frustrated with this environment.  They lack the fundamental business knowledge or confidence to take part in the process or are afraid to broach subject matters that may seem trivial to the principals in the room.

Currie Management Consultants, Inc. looks at the development of a dealer/distributor leader on two levels. The first level of development is basic business knowledge. This knowledge is specific to your industry and to dealerships/distributorships which includes knowing the Currie Financial Model with all the details. The second level of development centers on the leadership behaviors that drive the execution of the Currie Financial Model. The leadership behaviors that are taught are the building blocks of great leadership. They are: mental agility, interpersonal finesse, change mastery, and goal orientation. The Currie process combines the knowledge of the Financial Model with leadership behaviors in an environment where they can safely begin to develop.

Our response to client demand for developing leaders is a forum by which we educate and coach these leaders through a series of meetings (two per year for two years) and monthly coaching calls.  We are happy to report that over 50 managers/leaders have completed the Currie Management Consultants, Inc. Leadership Development series.

Currie Management Consultants, Inc.  Leadership Development School

The goal of the Currie leadership school is to help educate and prepare the next series of dealer/distributor leaders.  We operate on a forum by which they can hone their skills in the following areas that are critical to their future success.

I.      The Business of a Successful Dealership or Distributorship  Here we present the Currie Financial Model as a strategic initiative. We then focus on each department individually as well as their interdependency and “how to” achieve benchmark performance. Attendees will also better understand the use and interrelationship of each of the three critical financial statements: 1) Balance Sheet; 2) Income Statement; and 3) Cash Flow Statement.

II.      Leadership Skills

  1. This portion of the program focuses on the traits and skills that are associated with excellence in leadership. There are four broad categories: mental agility, interpersonal finesse, change mastery, and goal orientation. Assessments will be utilized before each workshop session and the results of these assessments are used during the workshop as well as on the monthly coaching calls.
  2. Specific skills development will revolve around emotional intelligence, assertiveness, situational leadership, team effectiveness, time management, and communication.

III.      Objectives

1.  Two-day workshop #1 “Overview of a Successful Dealership/Distributorship & Emotional Intelligence”

i.      Participants will be introduced to the Currie Financial Model and leave with a strong knowledge of the business model and how it fits within the global marketplace.

ii.      Pre-assessments in MBTI and Emotional Intelligence. Participants will be able to identify their strengths and challenges as leaders. Participants will leave with specific behavioral goals.

iii.      Participants will have a time management philosophy that they can translate into practice at work.

2.  Two-day workshop #2 “Account Management & Assertive Dialogue”

i.      Using case studies and lecture, participants will learn the what, how, and why of Account Management and the Sales Department.

ii.      Pre-assessments in Communication Effectiveness and Assertiveness. Participants will have a deeper understanding of their communication and assertiveness styles and leave with techniques to improve assertive communication at work

3.  Two-day workshop #3 “Aftermarket Management & Teambuilding”

i.      Participants will have a detailed knowledge of the Aftermarket departments including parts, service, and rental. Lecture and case studies will be utilized.

ii.       Participants will know how they rate on their team effectiveness and create a development plan to improve their team building behaviors.

iii.      Participants will be exposed to the concept of “Enterprise Thinking”.

4.  Two-day workshop #4 “Buying or Selling a Business, the Balance Sheet & Leadership Theories”

i.      Participants will understand the factors that affect the value of a business and they will understand the different ways of valuing a dealership or distributorship.

ii.      Participants will work case studies to increase their knowledge of the balance sheet and how it impacts the effectiveness of a dealership/distributorship.

iii.      Participants will be exposed to several different Leadership Theories.

Providing this type of forum will allow your future leaders to better understand the business world they are in while honing their leadership skills.  At the same time they will be surrounded by their peers from their own industry as well as several others, therefore widening their understanding of the overall industrial distribution market.