Business Matters, by Bob Currie

The February issue of NAEDA’s Equipment Dealer magazine had a great article by Bob on Centralization.  We’ve all heard Bob,s teachings on this and we know how important it is for equipment dealers to move towards centralization in order to maximize profitability.  This is an important issue so read the full article and feel free to send us your comments and feedback.

Click to download Effective Centralization in PDF format.

Photos from the Currie Cares party!

Here are the photos from our Currie Cares Holiday Party.  It was a great time for everyone and we were visited by many friends, clients and neighbors.

We were also happy to be able to present our annual gifts to such organizations as the American Red Cross, Central Massachusetts Autism Resource Center, Audio Journal and others.  We would like to thank these groups for all of their continued dedication and hard work that they do in serving the community.

Thank you, Cathy for the great photos!

Challenges and Opportunities of Expansion

Several years back, a leading farm equipment manufacturer embarked on a program of “encouraging” farm equipment dealers to consolidate.  Theoretically, fewer dealerships would mean larger, multi-store organizations that cover bigger sales territories and more profitable retail outlets.  To some extent, other full line manufacturers are doing the same, in large part because of the increasing concentration and sophistication of large farmers.  What are the challenges being faced in this industry because of these changes?  To find out, read the full article.

Click to download George Russell’s article Challenges and Opportuinities of Expansion in PDF format.

How Top Dealers Compare Their Performance

A common misperception among dealers is that revenue and/or gross profit is the key to profitability.  Many believe that their main focus should be on increased sales and deriving higher gross margins from those sales.   We respectfully disagree.  Read more to find out why.

Click to download the full article by George Russell How Top Performers Compare Their Performance in PDF format.