Currie Team supports the fight against human trafficking

Just giving everyone an update on the latest Currie community service project!  In October, I will be walking from Portland Maine to Washington DC (over 500 miles) to raise awareness about domestic and global slavery and human trafficking.  Follow the action by liking my page (below).  The Currie Team is committed to this fight!

4 Ways to Join the WALK FREE Team

  1. Walk with me! – 1 mile, 10 miles, or more. Meet up with me for a visit, or accompany me with your vehicle.  These are all great ways to participate,
  2. Tell everyone! – That’s the whole point! This project is a way for me to continue to educate people about the issue and let everyone know what they can do to help.  And believe me, this is something we ALL need to address, each and every business and citizen.
  3. Connect me! Who do you know that lives or works along my route?  I will be looking for places to stay and people to help support me and show that they care.  Do you have friends or relatives that are interested in meeting up with me to help and learn more?  It would be a great part of my stories that I am collecting along the way.
  4. Give! – I will be in need of funding for lodging and supplies along the way. I’m estimating that this will cost about $100-$150 per day.  Please consider donating some cash for me to use, or send me some Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards, or Dick’s Sporting Goods (I am buying sneakers there!).

(to help fund this event, click the Donate button on the cover photo at the page listed above)