Currie Focuses on Service

Here’s a piece that Bob wrote a while back.  He dives into critical measures that will assist you in boosting your Service Department’s net profit.  In today’s marketplace, the Service Department is the leading profit center and this article contains helpful information for this, and all Aftermarket Departments.  Aftermarket Managers, Branch Managers, General Managers and Executives should use this information to  evaluate and improve your Aftermarket Departments today.  Now is the time to review and renew. Need additional training?  Come on over to The Currie Training Center’s Service Profitability Program, November 7-8, 2016.  Register here: Achieving Service Profitability.

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Download Part 1, Service Metrics, of a 2-Part article series.  Part 2 will be posted soon!  Subscribe to our feed for the next article and other updates!